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  • PROFESSIONAL DESKTOP USB MICROPHONE – The Bumblebee II delivers clear, full-range 24 bit/96 kHz audio; Internally shockmounted, 25mm condenser capsule picks up every nuance in your sound, and the latest electronic design keeps your audio pristine
  • OUTSTANDING VERSATILITY AND AUDIO QUALITY - Bumblebee II’s form factor, feature set, and high fidelity sonic signature make it the ideal mic for Streamers, Gamers, Podcasters, Musicians, and conferencing
  • CARDIOID POLAR PATTERN - Pick up the sound you want while de-emphasizing those you don’t want
  • ZERO LATENCY HIGH FIDELITY MONITORING HEADPHONE AMP - Monitor what you are recording or streaming in real time without delays caused by digital conversion
  • MUTE BUTTON WITH STATUS LED - Features a mute button for instantly silencing the Bumblebee II when you don’t want to be heard
  • MIX CONTROL FOR SIMULTANEOUS MONITORING OF SOURCE AND PLAYBACK - Balance the level of your voice with the program monitor coming back from your computer to create a pleasing headphone mix
  • REMOVABLE DESK STAND – Bumblebee II’s removable desk makes it a versatile mic that can sit on your desk or mount to an overhead boom or microphone stand

USB C OUTPUT CONNECTOR - Bumblebee II includes a 2 m (6’) USB Type C to Type A cable for easy connection to your computer

NEAT Microphones Neat Bumblebee II - Professional Cardioid Directional USB-Black

$99.00 Regular Price
$34.00Sale Price
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